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Tailormade trends to your area - Learn to use your future sense to ignite your business

Use the future to make better decisions

The world is moving so fast that it is an absolute necessity to be able to envision what comes next. It's easy to feel like a victim. Like you don't have a say. Much is a stake - and you can lead the way.

awaken your Future sense in less than 60 min.

This is one of the best abilities you need to master

 if you want to predict and design your own future.  

What are our clients saying

Goosebumps! Well done! Our time is now

We need not wait to see what others do. So, having you (and Gandhi) as a key catalyst is essential. "From More to Better" strikes just the right chord and is consistent with what we've need to do.

CHRIS DOYLE  //   Adventure Travel Trade Association

I was blown away...

by all the good energy, humor and ability connect with the audience, while at the same time having a core of scientific credibility about the messages.


People absolutely loved you

(both members and internally) - and in the subsequent "network session", people were simply so positive about the findings you presented and several expressed that they would acquire your book asap. So it could not have gone better

Katrine Brammer Bork  //  Executive Assistant to Group CEO, EGN

We are experts both live on stage

and in a digital set-up

Do you want the big version - the small? Or a helping hand in structuring your amazing event?

We have more than 20 years of experience and would love to guide you.


Begin your day with the future and get everyone ignited, or put us on last to end the day “on a high”.


We can run our own digital setup or use yours. We have worked with digital presentations for many years and know lots of interactive tricks.

We are universal futurist

Anne Skare Nielsen & Henrik Good Hovgaard

We have been working with future studies and future training since 2000.
The world needs more people who can design the future and move us "from more to better". That is why we have created a unique training universe for people who love the future, were you can learn to master your own future sense.

What our clients are saying

Fantastic performance that lifts our business

It is crucial for us to appear as the best in our category in the industry. With Anne on stage, the audience leaves the day with exactly that feeling: that they are part of something big and important.


We strengthened our understanding of ourselves and our challenges

We were pushed caringly and professionally at our event on how we see our selves and our challenges. Always with a strong and positive focus on new opportunities in interaction with creative and commercially oriented entrepreneurs.


We use futurist videos to inspire the entire organization

Your movies hit the spot. This morning's audience consisted of 250 super users and approx. 30 of their leaders and there were both people recognizing the importance and laughing out loud several times.

SUSANNE ASVEN  //   Københavns Kommune, Digitaliseringskontoret

Learn how to think like a futurist in 5 min.

You are probably much better at spotting trends than you think. Would you like to shift from just random intuition to concrete, usable trends in minutes.

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Our goal is to get the audience
to say AAAH!

We make a big effort to create engaging, often interactive presentations. We hand-pick the best insights from the world of science and mix it with stories, graphics, humor and provocations

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