​Learn how to predict your own future

An online training community for pioneers, who want to design a better way and go all-in on the future

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​​Learn how to predict your own future

​An online ​training community ​for pioneers, ​that want to design a better business and go all-in on the future​

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​*​ I authorize Universal Futurist to send me relevant news related to the future,
but zero spam, zero ​crap. And don't sell my email or anything dodgy!

​​Get trained ​by 2 worldclass futurists​

​Anne and Henrik take you ​by the hand ​in an 8 weeks journey into your own future. You wll emerge on the other side with a fully activated sense of the future, an overview of your trends, and ​a course set ​towards your dream for the next chapter of your life. If you want to be more proficient, richer and freer, join futurist.training

​we are your personal trainers

​You get access to videos, journals and Live QnA's
with us, and we ​do all in our power to help you

​​Anne Skare Nielsen & Henrik Good Hovgaard
​are your own professional futurists and ​future-trainers

​Vi er dine personlige trænere

Du får adgang til videoer, journaler og Live QnA's
med os, og vi lægger os i selen for at få dig i mål!

Anne Skare Nielsen & Henrik Good Hovgaard
er dine professionelle futurister og fremtidstrænere

​A membership with lots of goodies
​Train ​at your own pace or ​together with the ​​professionals

​Online ​training
​with video & journal


​All futurist ​skills have a training journal and videos that show you step by step what to do.

​​Online community
​with Live QnA


​You will never be alone again! In our community you get ​lots of love from us and the others as well as answers to your questions.

​​​Super Feedback
​on your challenge​

​1 on 2 virtual ​meeting

​​​Each week, we ​take selected members through a business makeover and give them an outside-in perspective from the ​future

​Training journals

​Print your own PDF ​

​Examples, techniques and ​assignments
so you can train your skills ​online and offline.

​What do our first futurists say?

​​We got more in an hour and a half than 14 days with a PR agency

​​We have long struggled to ​find a clear red thread in our health empire. But now we are left with a feeling that the ​puzzlepieces have fallen ​into place. It was as if in an hour and a half we were ​transformed into the greatness that we have been able to feel, but not ​crasp ourselves.

​Anna Bogdanova & Louise Berner

​Health experts

​​​Now my website will look like a million

​When my business model was combined with the future, all the pieces fell into place. It is so nice. On top of that, I have also created a future story that has made my website and profile stand out.

Zuzan Linnet Degani 


Bonus: Super Feedback ​every week

​Super Feedback is your chance to get personal sparring for the specific challenges you face.
Every week we choose a member who gets the big make over and a push in the right direction with ideas for trends, focus, vision, website, communication and new how to attract new guests ​or customers.

​Become the one, that alle the others admire (and envy)

​Here are 2 futurists we are very proud to have helped:

​​Futurist+Facebook Specialist
= Community Master

​Trine Ravnkilde

​Trine was trained in designing her own future and found her game changer: "From SoMe to SoWe". Today she is a superstar within facebook communities. In a record time, she has made a successful business out of researching her niche in the future and giving everything she teaches to others so that they can create their own digital communities as well.


= Constructive Institute

​​Ulrik Haagerup

​Former news director for DR, Ulrik Haagerup, foresaw the future and sensed what the world would need: an ​add-on to critical journalism. He created constructive journalism, and founded the Constructive Institute, which takes journalists to the next level in the new rules of the media world.


(​and your speciality) 
+ ​your future

= ​"Futurist+"

​We will be your future fitness center.
​The place where we all go into the future together!

​We only want happy members. That's why we always do a mini-course where you can try the training. Then join the Facebook group and you will automatically join the next launch