Learn to predict & design your own future
and become more adaptable, richer and more free

With Awaken your Future Sense in your hands, you have a manual to
not only predict your own future - but also to win the game about the future

Future Sense is written for you

You who feel like an ordinary person, who just wants to do good things.
It is for you who sees and feels the future, but can not make others listen.

It is for the educational leader who wants to launch a fantastic vision for children and learning,

the entrepreneur who has to focus on a new strategic market, the established company who has to set a new and better course, and the parent who needs to help his child choose their path in life.

It is for the volunteers, the kind-hearted, the rebellious and the visionary.

It's for you who dream of "something better", without quite knowing what it is.

It's for you who wants to change the world.

And it's especially for you who wants to learn to think like a futurist: be able to spot trends, think in scenarios, thrive in chaos and navigate the future. And bring others on your journey into the future.

We are Anne skare nielsen

& Henrik Good Hovgaard

We have spent thousands of hours doing research, spotting trends, lecturing, and traveling around the world to help enthusiasts and leaders see and design the future for themselves. 

"How do you become a futurist?" is a question we have been asked very often. And the answer to this, is something we have spent 20 years formulating in our book "Future Sense"


If some of our futurist rolemodels of the past could have read the book, we would hope they said something like this

"Without a Future Sense, I would have only done stupid things"

I have always used my sense of the future to feel what could be. And hello! Just look at what I created and accomplished. I was born that way, but of course you can learn it. And you must. This book is a true tour-de-futura that all young people should read. I wish I had written it myself.


Leonardo da Vinci //  Inventor, futurist & game changer

“A manual for those who want to change the world for the better”

I wrote the handbook for modern nursing and spent my entire life introducing something as basic as hygiene in hospitals. Had I had this book back then, it would have been a little less uphill. Because many more people would have believed what I saw, right away.


Florence Nightingale //  Inventor of modern nursing, futurist & game changer

"You do not survive without a Future Sense"

Everyone talks about me as the visionary type. But I lived in exactly the same world as all the ordinary people that just could not see how the rules of the game changed. If you want to be successful, you must learn to go all in on your vision. Read Future Sense or risk your life!


Steve Jobs //  Apple co-founder, futurist & game changer

Awaken your future sense is A GAMER MANUAL
to win the game about the future

But .. you can only win if the others also win.
The old game was "tribal": them versus us, where everyone was scrared to not have enough
The new game is "planetary": hypercomplex and hyperconnected - and designed to bring out the best in you.


Awaken you Future Sense is not a book that nutures the status quo mentality.
So we are also expecting some bad testimonials

"its not that simple"

Future Sense entices, with its playful and easy approach, the reader to believe that they can predict the future and change the world. That they "just have to solve the good problems" and create "magical moments". it's much more complex, so let's set up a committee that can do an analysis first.


Leo Lummergeek  //  Professor of systematic autodidacts and structural polemic

"Strategy and vision is only a task for the professionals"

Seriously, where are we at if everyone gets a sense of the future and can make their own visions and strategies based on trends they spot themselves? And go straight to the task without an expensive report? There is actually a lot more money to be made by extending the problems into the future than solving them.


Donna Truck //  McDingDong Consulting

"We must respect the past!"

Or rather we must respect my past. And my story. Because I did a lot of work once, and now we should not change anything. The old rules of the game worked in my time, and then our children and grandchildren have to mess with it. Nonsense and hysteria!


Mikkel Boomer //  United league of geezers