World class Futurist and Future trainer

Henrik Good Hovgaard

Henrik's specialty is to train you and your organization in designing new and better futures

Do you want to be able to trendspot

and design the future?

Then Henrik is your go-to guy.
Henrik combines the best of hard-core research and data, with graphic models and game elements to design the future in a flash, so that everyone can be motivated into action.

I have never left a workshop with so much energy, inspiration and desire to try new things

For my sake, it could have lasted 8 hours more. So we could have prioritized the talk of really lifting the future into everyday life where it belongs.

Lisa Carlson  //  Educator and entrepreneur

Henrik managed to involve 700 people, as the last man on the stage

Rarely has it been seen that so many have stayed through the entire program on a Monday night. Henrik spoke in a versatile, visual and humorous way about the future challenges for our children's upbringing in an increasingly complex society, and the importance of a nuanced view of formation.

Carsten Seegert  //  Nordfyns Kommune

Inspiring and well done. The best presentation we ever had!

That was exactly what I wanted. And everyone agrees that this is the best staff conference in many years - because of you!

Tine Erecius  //   3F

Would you like a really good

Keynote or workshop

Get started on new ideas for your company .Get insights into better communication, new customers and important new skills you need to master


Henrik is one of the best future workshop facilitators in the world. He has been working as a futurist and running workshops on the future since 2005. He has managed to get hundreds of companies and organizations to see the future that could be theirs. Not just as passive tourists - but as active futurists.

People love him for his concrete approach and helpful nature - and the fact that he can also activate "the evil teacher" when you need a kick

Henrik is an expert in "future training" - the next step on the ladder of futurism. With future training, you put your vision and creative power together. You become one of those visionary types who can both imagine the future and take action and do something about it.

Henrik has a unique talent for taking the diffuse, confusing and scary future, and making it exciting, concrete and fun to work with.

The future is constantly moving, and therefore Henrik encourages us to drop the boring reports and visionless powerpoints, and instead anticipate the skills we will need - and start training them immediately.

Henrik has a background as a school teacher. He has a master's degree in Digital Design from Aarhus University. And has taught at CAVI (Center for Advanced Visualization and Interaction) where he specialized in making fast 3D visualizations in real time. He has previously been a member of the Chaos Pilots' Advisory Board. Henrik's vision for the future is to create a global community for future trainers. And spread Universal Futurist's techniques and models to the whole world, so that those who were once lone rangers can step into character as visionary futurists who help each other create a better world - with the future and each other hand in hand.

Those who do well in the future, says Henrik, are those who can combine vision and creativity.
"My dream has come true when I can see that the next generation - my daughters' generation - will naturally shape and change the world for the better, because they have the tools and the motivation to do it - together."

Henrik lives in Vejle with his wife Louise, daughters Nanna and Frida, and their naughty little dog, Tilde.

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