future trainer and master futurist

​​Henrik Good Hovgaard

need better tools
to design your future? 

Then look no further - I am your go-to-guy.
I know exactly how you feel. The future is vital, but most organizations don't know how to work effective and fast with it. Let me help you. And I'll make you your own master of the future.

HENRIKS background

Henrik is a master futurist with more than 12 years of experience working with hundreds of companies and organizations. He is specialized in "future training" - the next evolution of futurism: To make all leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers able to use the power of futurism to create change.

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with AN edge

Henrik has given more than 300 presentations, and you will be surprised as to the levels of research he will go to, to dazzle an audience. His super-power is connectivity. He sees patterns in data and can shine a light at your blindspots, making even the best artificial intelligence green with envy. 

​Customer Trend Evolution

How to Catch the Future

10 skills for the Next 10 Years

​Fix Generation Overload

​What are clients saying

​I have ​never left a presentation with so much energy, inspiration and the desire to try things.

​For me, it could have taken 8 hours more, ​ so there might have been time for more talk and discussion about how we could transfer it to our classes and school.

​Lisa Carlson  //  ​Teacher and ​entrepreneur

​Everyone was very excited (and a little scared, which is definitely not a bad thing)

​we've already talked about when we can find the opportunity to get ​another fantastic, inspiring and super useful presentation from you

​MARIE LOUISE SIIM  //  ​ TV2 broadcast​

to kickstart action

Henrik is one of the best future workshop facillitators in the world. He can has created hundreds of elements to combine to make your workshop magical

Create ​future based ​innovation for
customers, students and users

Design quick & dirty future strategies
that challenge the status quo

​Visualize personal and company visions that make all communication super clear

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​Email henrik@universalfuturist.com - phone +45 3110 0255

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