World class futurist and keynote speaker

Anne skare nielsen

Annes speciality is to make you see, feel and believe in the future

Do you want to be able to
predict your own future?

Then Anne is the oracle who can help you.
Imagine the coolest insights from the world of science mixed with intuitive and empathetic superpowers and lot of humor. Then you have the mold Anne was created in.

She moves us toward the success we want to be 

Anne is an extraordinary person in every way. A fantastically skilled and inspiring presenter at the same time as she is a present, professional and challenging futuristic sparring and collaboration partner. She has been responsible for several future projects in the Danish Financial Services Association, which have helped to move us and thus support our success.

KENT PETERSEN  //  Formand Finansforbundet

We strengthened our understanding of ourselves and our challenges

We were pushed caringly and professionally at our event on how we see our selves and our challenges. Always with a strong and positive focus on new opportunities in interaction with creative and commercially oriented entrepreneurs.


Anne helped us create the future 

Anne Skare is a master at provoking the status quo and sending the perspective out into the future we can create together. She has been involved from the beginning in formulating the visions of constructive journalism, which is now becoming a global megatrend.

ULRIK HAAGERUP  //  Constructive Institute

Do you want a digital or physical...

Keynote that will rock your world

Tailor-made trends for your area - Learn to use the future to boost your business

about ANNE

If you have ever felt confused about which direction to take in the future, then you have now found the right person. Futurist Anne Skare Nielsen is both a tornado that can lift you up and expand your horizons, and the hurricane's eye that can give you peace and focus, so you can make your own decisions based on the many possibilities of the future.

Anne is one of Scandinavia's - in fact the world's leading futurists. With her great interest and knowledge in radical change and transformation of thinking, she is in high demand as a lecturer and provocateur all over the world.

However, her heart lies with the people who 'can and will': those who dare to be passionate about what they do - and who know that hard work never goes out of style.
Anne's vision is to win the Nobel Peace Prize before she dies, by teaching as many people as possible how they predict the future. Because then you will never be afraid of it again.

You see her very often in the media. Among other things, she has been on DR's popular radio program 'The Philosopher, the Author and the Woman of the Future', and has been a TV host on the program 'NewScience' on TV2 News.

Anne has a degree in biology and a master's degree in political science, has been a member of the Danish Council of Ethics and is a co-author of a large number of books. Anne Skare Nielsen was born in Denmark in 1971. She lives in Dragør, is married to the love of her life, with whom she has 4 sons.
She runs Universal Futurist together with Henrik Good Hovgaard, with the aim of really kicking the can of the future - following the motto "Smart has plans, stupid has stories". She is a former partner of Future Navigator and started her career at the Institute for Futures Studies.

Then as now, it is still crucial for Anne to develop a human-friendly organization, where individual originality and creativity are given as high a priority as the committed community.

Anne Skare Nielsen is the introverted type who loves to write and sit in a corner alone with a cheesecake. She has a love for science fiction movies, champagne and deep conversations with visionary, and often strange, people.

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