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Workshops about the future

Use trends to kickstart your development - Design new futures easily, quickly and visually

Would you like to have really
cool results after a workshop?

Do you think there is a need to get your organization to work with the future, be inspired, provoked and come up with something you can implement right away?

Discuss and design 

Many new futures in 1 - 6 hours

We use Trendcards and different models to discuss, design your business or organization. 

You will have your hair blown back - be intimidated, be inspired and be able to see clearly what your should stop doing and begin to create instead

What are our clients saying

Each workshop is always really good

We have worked with Henrik for 6 years and he always delivers the goods and makes sure that our participants can design the future. It's fun, exciting and there's always something new.

Sara Groth  //  Senior designer, Studieadjunkt Designskolen Kolding

Everybody was thrilled...

and a little scared, which is certainly not a bad thing. We have already talked about when we can find the opportunity to get another fantastic, inspiring and super-useful workshop from you.


800 participants at once - wow!

Enthusiastic participants, exciting discussions, professional presentations, commitment, flow and good mood were our consistent impressions of the day.

Winnie Henriksen   //   Horsens kommune 

Vi use Trendcards +

models to design the future

All the workshops we run, are playful, imaginative and fun.
We use trendcards, which are snapshots of the future that can be combined and discussed together with models that create an overview of the future for new customers, opportunities and challenges

You can participate in trendspotting

As part of a workshop, your employees can participate in spotting trends before we hold a workshop.

We gather it all in a set of trendcards where you get the best of both worlds.
Trends seen from the inside-out by you and your employees combined with
Trends seen from the outside-in spotted by professional futurists

a workshop on the future

will give you the wow-effect

This is best done by the material the participants work with is easy to understand

and kickstarts all thoughts about the future in motion immediately.
This is how can work together


Send us an Email

Book a date, green-light your finances and let's give each other a GO for a presentation


Lets phone together

We listen to each other and find exactly the form and content that suits you. Then we arrange the rest

Mobil: +45 3110 0255


Enjoy the experience

We go all-in every time and make sure everyone is happy and satisfied. Plus everyone gets our slides on PDF afterwards

we are universal futurist

Anne Skare Nielsen & Henrik Good Hovgaard

We have been working with futurism and future training for more than 20 years.

The world needs more people who can design the future and move us "from more to better". That is why we have created a unique training universe for futurism, where you can learn to master your own sense of the future.

Vi er universal futurist

Anne Skare Nielsen & Henrik Good Hovgaard

Vi har arbejdet med fremtidsforskning og fremtidstræning i mere en 20 år.
Verden har brug for flere mennesker der kan designe fremtiden og rykke os “fra mere til bedre”. Derfor har vi skabt et unikt træningsunivers for futurisme, hvor du kan lære at mestre din egen fremtidssans

Exactly what I needed

It was absolutely amazing. I have received super positive feedback from both employees and partners. It has given them substance for reflection. There are not many meetings where someone doesn't ask if we want "more or better."

MICHAEL SKOU  //  Bestseller

Business is booming, a truckload of money and a job for my wife

Thank you for the workshop. We have used the buddy system and it has created so much good for both of us. I now live full time as a lecturer and it's just so cool - while earning truckloads of Money .

TOMMY KRABBE  //  Entrepreneur

We apply "future sense" in all workshops

So you can train some of the skills that are going to become essential in the future