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What got us here, won't GET us there

If you want to go "there" - into a better, more human, and happier future, you need to be a tad more rebellious. Play by the old rules, do business as usual, wait for a hero to come and save you

 ... and you risk pretty much everything!


Imagine this: You are a visionary. You see the future; you know how to spot and choose essential trends, and combine them into visions that make people go yea-haw! The future is not bleak, scary, or dark. It's where opportunities, hope, ideas, and good juju resides. And it waits for you. So go get it!

ignite your
"future sense"

The Old RulesGroup of like-minded white people lock themselves up in a conference room and invest two days cooking up a strategy that has to last the next 3-5 years. 

The New Rules: Change is happening so fast your perfect plans are going down the pooper. You start with a "magic vision," a dedicated community, and adapt your strategy as you go along.

​we are Trusted by

A KEYNOTE that makeS AN audience go AAAH!

We take great pride in our engaging, often interactive keynotes. We handpick the best from science and mix it with stories, pictures, friction, and butt-kicking. 

What we leave behind is a sense of hope, wonder, and wisdom. And a shared experience that the future is fun!

OF THE futurist

A pessimist sees the cup as half empty. 

An optimist sees it as half full.

A futurist says: "Why are we talking about cups? There is water everywhere. Let's go make stuff better".

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What are PEOPLE saying

We need to change, now! The wait is over.

Goosebumps! Well done! Thanks for getting our global community to lean into the wind, to lean into ourselves, and to pursue the Gandhi approach: “If we can change ourselves, the world will also change". We need not wait to see what others do. So, having you (and Gandhi) as a key catalyst is essential. "From More to Better" strikes just the right chord and is consistent with what we've previously discussed. We need to make it real. We need to grab our community by the proverbial throat and engender commitment to real world changes. NOW.

CHRIS DOYLE  //  Adventure Travel Trade Association

Exactly what I needed

It was absolutely amazing. Anne is a great speaker, and the messages are so inspiring that we could listen to her for many more hours. I have received super positive feedback from both employees and partners. It has given them substance for reflection. There are not many meetings where someone doesn't ask if we want "more or better." With memories of what Anne told, it brings the smile forward and inspires some good discussions - precisely what I wanted to achieve. We've probably tended to focus too much on "more," but with Anne's contribution, I can turn it into "better."

MICHAEL SKOU  //   Bestseller

They have helped us shape the future

Anne Skare is a master at provoking the status quo and turning the future into something we can create together. She has been there, from the very beginning, helping us formulate the visions of constructive journalism, which is now becoming a global megatrend.

ULRIK HAAGERUP  //  Constructive Institute

I was blown away ... 

... by the high energy, humor, and ability to connect with the audience while maintaining a core of scientific credibility in the messages.


They have moved us and supported our succes

Anne is an exceptional human being in every way. An amazingly talented and inspiring speaker while being a present, professional, and challenging futuristic sparring and collaborative partner. She has been responsible for several future projects, that have helped move us and thus support our success.

KENT PETERSEN //  Head of Finansforbundet (Financial Service Union Denmark)

Money, glory, and a job for the missus

Thanks for the inspiration. We took the buddy relationship to us, and it has created so much good for both of us. I am now living full time as a lecturer, and it is just so cool - while earning shitloads of money 🙂 I took your words very seriously and did everything I could, and it quickly produced results. On top of that, I also got a job for my wife.

TOMMY KRABBE  //   Entrepreneur and speaker

The videos inspire our entire organization

Your movies hit the spot. This morning's audience consisted of 250 super users and approx. Thirty of their leaders, and they both nodded recognizably and laughed out loud several times. We showed your film about digital management and both Ejvind Jørgensen and Thomas Jakobsen returned several times to your movie with comments. The good Thomas Jakobsen even said that "her Anne Skare, she is right after my head." In fact, he was so happy that he asked to have all 3 films, which have now been passed on to the Culture and Leisure Administration.

SUSANNE AVSEN //  Copenhagen Municipality

They make us stand out 

It is crucial for us to stand out as the best in our industry. With Anne on stage, the audience leaves with precisely that feeling: That they are part of something future-oriented and vital.

NIELS RALUND  //   fdih

A much better understanding of ​who we are in the world

Lovingly and professionally, Anne has pushed us to better understand our place in the world. Always with a strong and positive focus on new opportunities in interaction with creative and commercially oriented entrepreneurs.

CHRISTIAN MOTZFELDT //  Vaekstfonden (the Danish state's investment fund) 



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