​the journey from "the tribal past" ​to "the planetary future"

WHY universal futurist?

We have worked with futurism for a lifetime. 

It's been a lot of fun, but in recent years we have felt that something is off.

Like the rules of the game are changing: If you "play by the rules," you won't necessarily reap the benefits you deserve. Cheaters and conmen have it way too easy. Smart, good people, are busy working on the wrong things. And don't get us started on the growing number of people who are sad, depressed, anxious, lonely, stressed, overworked, underpaid, angry, or feel abandoned by society.

Fifty years ago "more" solved most problems. If we had more food, more jobs, more opportunities, more products, we were happy. For some, this is still true. But for many "more" won't fix anything. The lust for more will only make things worse while it sucks out all energy of mother nature.

What we need is "better."
Not a longer life, but a better one.
Not a thousand likes but few, real friends.
Not more products but being in a position where you can choose what makes you happy.
Not more growth but real, tangible value.
Not working longer hours but being part of a company or community who needs you.

This shift in mindset "from more to better" we see as the great challenge of our generation. And it can't be confined to one single group of people or country. It's universal.

And we know that the mindset of the futurist holds the key. 

That's why we are UNIVERSAL FUTURIST.

win at your own game

Life is like a game. Is it enough for you to play by the rules?

As futurists, we believe that you - yes you, right now - have a historic opportunity to impact the rules.

We help passionate people, visionary leaders, hopeful dreamers, and rebellious entrepreneurs see their future. Cause when you see your future, your decisions will be clear:

You can't help but break the stupid rules, and act on your "magic visions." And you will have a formidable quest:

Create your own rules and win at your own game

the old game was "TRIBAL"
the new game is "PLANETARY"

Tribal is the "mode" we have been playing in since the beginning of time. You win at this game by competing in teams and gathering resources. It's a win/lose-battle, based on them-versus-us-mentality. You are always afraid that you will run out of stuff, or you can't hold your position. You spend a lot of time keeping your peeps happy, controlling the trouble makers, storing goods for hard times, and deciding who gets what.

You can only win the tribal game by making others lose.

And that is why tribal mode is coming to an end.

In "planetary mode," your assignment is to create a game where we can all win without anyone losing! 

You can still win in "tribal mode," but you will lose the future. You will find yourself solving problems on the wrong side of history. This can leave you feeling like "you got it all, but something is missing."

And friend, what you are missing is not "more." It's "better."

The quest for "better" will be an epic, planetary journey. We have to do it together.

And we are two loons who believe we can make it happen:

 ​Anne Skare Nielsen

World-class speaker - chief futurist - author - nerd fan - mother and really, really tired of narrow-minded dinosaurs of all ages

 ​henrik Good Hovgaard

​The original future trainer - master futurist - teacher - dad 
​with a burning desire to ​change the rules


Have fun! If it all goes to hell at least, we will have had that

Develop and spread the joys and tools of futurism to people all over the planet

Earn a shitload of money and have time for friends, family and personal development

From head to toe feel that we make a positive impact and help you to feel the same

Win the Noble Peace Price before we die