The rules of the game are changing

our world needs those who can design the future

Do you want to be part of the the epic adventure in

building the bridge "from more to better"?

The future of our civilisation is at stake

We believe that right now we are in the middle of the transition between two ways of living, working and being together as a civilization. If we do not understand this transition and work to create the future, then at best we will be pushed back "in the game of life" - at worst we will end up in chaos.

We need "better", not "more"

Not a longer life, but a better life. Not a thousand likes, but to make real friends.
No more products, but instead being able to choose what makes you happy.

No more growth, but real, tangible value.

Not more hours at work, but being part of a business or community that needs you.
We see this shift in thinking from more to better as the great challenge for our generation. It cannot be limited to a single group of people or a country. It is universal.

And we know that the mindset of the futurist can help solve exactly this challenge

That is why we are UNIVERSAL FUTURIST

The old game "TRIBAL MODE"

The new game is "PLANETARY"


Tribal is the mode or "mode" we have been playing in since the dawn of time. You win in this tribal game by competing in teams and gathering resources. It's a few-win-many-lose-game, based on the them-against-us mentality.

In tribal mode, you are always afraid of running out of things, because you basically fear that there is not enough. Therefore, life is a constant struggle, not to get stuck or be outcompeted.

You can only win in the tribe game by making others lose. And that's why "tribal" needs to be toned down.


In "planetary mode" your task is to create a game where we can all win without anyone losing!

You can still win in "tribal mode", but you loose the future. You will see that you are solving problems - but on the wrong side of the future. 
The feeling you be left with is "I have it all, but I'm missing something."

And friend, what you're missing is not "more." It is better". The pursuit of "better" will be an epic, planetary journey we have to do together.

And we're the 2 fools who think
that we can gather fellowship for it


World-class speaker - chief futurist - author - nerd fan - mother and pretty tired of old people of all ages cuddling under the safe duvet of the past


The best future trainer in the entire universe - master futurist - teacher - father with a burning desire to help good people change the rules of the game and smash everything that is holding us back

Adventure Travel Trade Association

Goosebumps! Well done! Our time is now

We need not wait to see what others do. So, having you (and Gandhi) as a key catalyst is essential. "From More to Better" strikes just the right chord and is consistent with what we've need to do.

Susanne Ebbesø

Two insanly bright and extremely generous people

who in a wildly dedicated and very straight-out-of-the-road way impart their knowledge and experience. They inspire and convey in an engaged at-eye level unpretentious way. And with that, they also manage to 'walk the talk' and support their purpose

We have written 

the book for you...

Just as we have a sense of smell, a sense of touch, a sense of taste - so we all need a new sense - a future sense.

Awaken your Future sense is only for those who want to be able to predict, design and create their own future.

Our background story

We have been working with futurism since the year 2000 and we have worked for virtually all types of companies, organizations and areas. We started as lecturers, workshop facilitators and article writers.

Almost 10 years ago, we began to develop our own training universe, as we could see that more and more people would need to be able to work with and design the future themselves.

We call this discipline future training and this area has now become our core and what we want to give to the world to do our part and train a whole new generation of people who can spot and design the future and build the bridge between the new and the old rules of the game.

That is why we have created

Learn How To Combine Your Niche
And Your Specialty With The Future

Predict your own future and become richer, freer and more skilled.
A online training membership for business leaders and enthusiasts
who want to go all in on the future!

our principles

The guiding stars that define our way of working and what we aim for every day.


Have fun

If all else fails, then we at least
had a good time


Develop futurism

Develop and spread future training to all the good people around the world


Positive impact

Feel that we every day do our best to have a positive impact on our surroundings


Make s...load of money

And in the process have time for family, friends and personal development


Win the Nobel peace price

Be a part of winning Nobel peace price
before we cash in our chips